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CrossFit Thunder Hill started the old fashion way, as a garage gym. In 2009, co-owner John Wallen became bored of the typical workout routine at the YMCA and stumbled across this crazy fitness program called CrossFit. He began following the workouts in his garage and became hooked. John earned his CF-L1 designation in 2010 where he met Rob Miller, owner of CrossFit Delaware Valley. In 2011, John realized that he wanted more coaching and was looking for the “CrossFit community” that everyone was talking about. He joined CrossFit Delaware Valley and immediately loved the coaching and atmosphere. He easily convinced Jill that she had to try it. Jill was extremely nervous attending her first class. But once she experienced the coaching, the support, and the community, she knew this was the fitness program for her. Jill earned her CF-L1 designation in 2012. After over a year of travelling an hour (each way) to CrossFit Delaware Valley we returned to training and began training others in our garage…CrossFit Thunder Hill was born! We had the equipment, the knowledge, the experience and a lot of fun. As more and more people realized the benefits CrossFit, we quickly grew out of our garage. We moved into a larger space in Toughkenamon where we stayed for over a year. Then we found our current location in Oxford!

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