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Intro to CrossFit

All new members must complete three Introduction classes before they can join the regular CrossFit Classes. Our Introduction program will teach you the CrossFit fitness methodology, and specifically the basic exercises that are integral to your success.  The classes are each one hour and take place during our regular classes, but are coached separately in a small group.  Each class will focus on one of our five foundational movements (Squat, Pull, Press, Clean, and Snatch).  You must complete all three movement classes before joining a regular class.  Each class begins with a coach-led mobility session and warm-up specifically designed to get you ready for the targeted movement.  The coach will spend the majority of the class time on instruction of that particular movement’s standards, proper form and technique.  The class will end with a workout that is scaled to your fitness level.  The cost is $40 for our Intro package for the 3 classes.  Please email us to get started!

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