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CrossFit Classes

At CrossFit Thunder Hill we stay true to the traditional CrossFit philosophy that Coach Greg Glassman began in 2000. We program constantly varied-intense workouts focusing on functional movements. In addition, we include concentrated strength training because strength benefits everyone. CrossFit has gained and maintained its reputation as the most effective fitness programming because it works. There is no need to change the formula.

Is personal attention important to you? At CrossFit Thunder Hill, we keep our classes small. Personal attention is key to your safe development and ability to reach your fitness goals. We cap our classes at 10 people and many classes are staffed by two coaches. We guarantee that you will not be swallowed up by a large group…at CrossFit Thunder Hill you will get the attention you are paying for. By knowing our members personally, our trainers keep you on a path of improvement. Not everyone walks in off of the street with the knowledge or experience to perform most of the movements we perform effectively. Personal attention through small classes makes the difference.

At CrossFit Thunder Hill we believe that you will excel where you feel like you belong. Our members span a wide variety of ages, fitness abilities, socioeconomic backgrounds, athletic backgrounds and motivations. Our members are moms, dads, lawyers, accountants, mushroom farmers, business owners, administrators, grandparents, students and teachers. CrossFit is the bond that spans our differences and brings us together to support each other in our fitness goals. In addition to our everyday workouts, we constantly have events and special workouts that our members participate in. From themed workouts to charity WODs, we all support and encourage every one of our members to have fun and reach their fitness goals.

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